Le Cruset, I love you!

This weekend I picked up this little beauty a long with a few other items left on our registry at Williams Sonoma using some gift cards! Plus WS gives you 10% off all purchases for 6 months after your wedding so I got it for less! I can't wait to use it!
I survived the first day of school and I have a wonderful new class! Lots of free spirits! Tomorrow is my b-day (as well as Mother Theresa's, coincidence, I think not) and today is my father in law's birthday (as well as McCauley Culken) . I get to go spend the afternoon renewing my drivers licence, yuck!


RHRB said...

Pretty! Did you get the white color? I love that.

RRR said...

I got the white color, or Dune as they call it, because they don't make the Sanoma Blue color any more that my tea pot and grill pan are in!