Ahh, she is just so cute!

Bee is not happy that her Aunt B and Uncle P are stuck in Houston waiting for Ike to come!
Oh I hope the power doesn't go out . . .

Ike . . .

We are getting ready for Ike to come! School was canceled today so lat night we had a little hurricane party with some friends. It's amazing that people aren't freaking out the way they did when Rita came. The roads are actually clear and they were able to refill all of the gas stations over night.
This is what it looks like in Galveston right now! I can't believe that people are even still on the island.
RAR and dad are up in New York visiting RHRB and little baby Bee. They were supposed to come home today but they can't so now PW and I are going to have to face the storm without them. We are about to lock up and head over to their house to face the storm there. Luckily we have some ingredients for queso and a full supply of wine to get us through the night! Cross your fingers we don't blow away!
Our family friend was supposed to be getting married tomorrow and had to cancel her wedding. I feel so bad and know she must be heartbroken! Thanks Ike!


Happy Week Old Birthday Baby Bee!

Dear Bee,
Happy one week Bee-day. Ha ha!
You will be getting a present when I am up in New York in October!

And the best part (or maybe the dorkiest part) is that your Aunt B has a sweater that matches so we will be twins! After I bought mine and saw on the Old Navy website that they had a tiny one in your size I knew I had to buy it! You also have another present coming that I saw while I was there and had to buy it, but I couldn't find it in your size so you will have to wait till next summer!
I love you,
Aunt B


Fact or opinion

Yesterday was a big day! RHRB had her baby!!! I am so excited to be an aunt though it is killing me that I don't get to see her for a whole month! I hope she doesn't grow up too much!

So yesterday during our morning meeting I posed a probability question to my class. "Will Mrs. W become an aunt today?" 18 kids said yes and 3 (all boys) said no. Later that day we discussed fact and opinion at length. This age is an age where opinion really feels like fact to them!

This morning they were all excited to hear if I was an aunt or not. I let them know by showing them a picture of the baby up on my white board. Of course they all thought she was adorable! So I decided to tie it into our discussion of fact or opinion. I asked them "Fact or opinion, Mrs. W's niece is the cutest baby in the world?" Everyone yelled "opinion" except for one little girl (who is one of the sweetest little girls on the planet, fact) who said "fact" and gave me a smile to let me know she was just siding with me! She gets an A for the day!

These poor kids who have to deal with me getting married and becoming an aunt all within a month of each other!

Hmm, I wonder if my new niece needs a dress with a monkey on it?