baby quilt

This is the quilt I want to make for my friend Stephanie's baby. I would do 4 different colored stripes, though--red/orange, yellow, green, and blue/purple--because I have some pretty good rainbow scraps. But the shower is next weekend, and triangles are hard to get right--will I have time? We'll find out!



David Lebovitz has posted tips for making caramel. Mmmmm.......


bee towel!

Look at the baby towel with bee fabric from Purl! I am making this, possibly for everyone I know.

I wonder how hard it is to sew terrycloth?


Lena Corwin is a little kooky and I like it

Lena Corwin is the woman who had the wedding I loved so much in MS Weddings 2 years ago--with the vintage plates and fabrics and the groom in sneakers! She lives in Brooklyn and designs plates and pillows, I think.

She posts interesting, cute things to her blog all the time. Cute isn't the right word, exactly--she just isn't afraid of pattern and color. In this post she links to her Flickr photos of a friend's home in Healdsburg. It might be a little crazy for you, but I like it!

Unrelated: here is the Balthazar mushroom soup recommended on Smitten Kitchen. Just for you, Becca!