Last full day of class!

Today is my last full day of class! Tomorrow the kids leave at 12:45 and then I stay and pack up the rest of my room! So in order to fully celebrate my last full day I did a little online shopping while the kids were out of the room!
I bought this dress from J Crew on sale! I usually don't buy things online because I like to try them on but I love this and I am willing to go get it altered if I need to. I have a wedding to go to in June, one in August, and one in September and I think I could wear it to all of them if I wanted because they are all different groups!
I already own this dress in a coral color and in blue. I love it so much! I suggest that everyone goes out and gets it in at least one color right now! RHRB has it and is 6 months pregnant and I swear it looks good on a pregnant person AND a non pregnant person. Hard to believe, but true!

Thank you J Crew for taking all of my money. I know I will wear the black dress till it is worn out but goodness can't you leave me with some money? And I didn't even get to use the teacher discount because it was online and these dresses aren't in the Houston store. Oh and while we are at it J Crew, can't you make the Houston store good again?

Here is something I found online today. You must visit The Cookie Sandwich Co. and look at the delicious cookies that they sell. I want to try every single one of them!

Oh and thank you RHRB for directing us to Munki Munki! I really want to buy something from them! Perhaps the bride pj's!


Embosser "fun"!

UPDATE: After waiting oh so "patiently" I got the monogram proof from Wilshire and this is it! I really like it. I was also excited because they send you a proof with three different sizes that you can pick from. If the rest of the order/delivery goes this well I will be a forever fan of this company!
Since I have decided that I would like to make the programs for the wedding I have been on the hunt for an embosser that fits a few criteria. First it must have an extra deep area to insert the paper since our programs are 5 1/4 inches square and I want the monogram to be in the center. Second it must come from a company that has nice images or fonts to use for the cover of the program.

I met RAR at a nice pharmacy near my school yesterday to check out their selection of wedding guest books and I asked the lady working in the paper area about the embossers that they sell. I explained to her how there needed to have an extra deep area in order to place the image in the middle of the program. I was quickly told that no such embosser existed. Since I had already seen that it does in fact exist on the internet (love the internet) I explained to her that yes, it does exist I guess just not with the company that they sell.

Next RAR and I headed to the store that sold us the wedding invitations. I won't go into it because I'll just get angry but the girls working there were very rude, acted like nobody makes their own programs, and then gave us a tacky suggestion for the program cover. Don't be snooty if you are going to follow it up with tacky, you are discrediting yourself. After a bad experience with ordering the invitation from them and after yesterday RAR and I are boycotting!

So we went home and went onto Wilshire Graphic Press where I originally saw the right sized embosser online and we bought one. The ladies on Weddingbee seem to like the company and you get an email with the proof of what your image will look like before they put the order through! I am "patiently" waiting for that email!

I decided to have our monogram in the font called "Monogram" which is the top left font below. So instead of GFL it will be RWP!

We also ordered the programs online from Crane and if you know me you know that I like to have decisions made so I feel good! And I'm excited because now PW and I have a nice embosser that we can use on stationary for thank you notes and for the rest of our life!

Grades are in! The kids are finished on May 29th at 12:45 and I am done on May 30th! Everyone is ready for summer. Only 4 1/2 days to have the sign below on my door! In August I will have to make a new one. The kids are very concerned with me changing anything that has my name on it! Some even want to start calling me by my new name now. Today during our morning meeting one little boy raised his hand and asked "When are you going to have a baby?" I told him not for a while to which he responded "Well my mom had me when she was 31." So I told him that gives me 4 years and quickly steered away from talking to 8 year olds about having babies!


Waiting for August 2nd!

Oh, if I could be crazy and have a fancy dress to wear for the last bit of my wedding and to go out in afterward I would pick this Oscar de la Renta dress. I'll tell myself though that I can't get this because we are leaving early on Sunday morning so it would be crazy to go out after the wedding!

And William Yeoward, why do you have to be so mean and make this Grace cup so expensive? I want this for no real reason other than I think it is beautiful but I do think it is just to insanely expensive! And sorry for the horrible picture! I looked for a good one on the internet and I gues a tiny picture is what I get!

So I've been thinking seriously about making my own programs for the wedding cerimony. I think I have decided that I will do it for sure since I will have June and July off and why shouldn't I put in the time to make something of my own?! I want to use these Crane do it yourself programs but instead of printing so that you read them with the ribbon to the side the ribbon would be on the top and you'd open it up!
While my parents were away recently I fed the wonderful cat Tipper and one day I showed up and found a few things on the front doorstep (I have to have things sent there because FedEx and UPS apparently can't get into my gate)! I found a book that I pre ordered a few months ago on Amazon, I love Amazon! I found a jean jacket I ordered from Old Navy to replace the one I had for almost 10 years that I loved and lost recently!! AND I found a wedding present, which is always fun! I found our Cuisinart 11 cup food processor which is so exciting because now I can make RAR's apple pie just like she makes it!
And to end it all. I spent part of this weekend cleaning out my closet and my guest closet to make room for all of PW's things that will be coming here in June! This is a picture of clothes that I will be taking to Good Will that will hopefully be put to good use and not just sit in my closet gathering dust any more! I found clothes that I got circa 1998! Oh and some shoes that I am kind of embarassed that I ever owned. Thank goodness that trends change! Apparently super chunky shoes were very popular around 2001. It is appropriate on my guest room bed with my college sheets though!

I also spent a while vacuuming today and realized that my cordless vacuum cleaner just isn't good enough. I need to find a cleaner that is not insanely expensive but does a good job on wood floors as well as carpet!

PS-Notice all of the black shoes. I really didn't own any brown shoes or clothes that would go with brown shoes till I was a senior in college or older!

PPS-Only 7 1/2 days till the kids are on summer vacation and I am alone in my classroom to organize and pack up for the summer!